September 19, 2020

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7 Easy steps to Create a WordPress blog from Scratch

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In this tutorial, we will focus on Steps to create a WordPress blog. Later on, we will move coque samsung j4 towards creating first WordPress posts, managing WordPress coque iphone 11 website and adding plugins. So, let know more about WordPress.

WordPress is one of the popular CMS used coque samsung s7 by many Website developers. Its easy to use and requires no programming knowledge. If you are a newbie, then coque huawei p20 it is the best platform coque iphone 7 8 to create WordPress website. But before moving on further, get ready with these coque iphone 5 2 basic things.

Hope you have completed the above steps of buying a domain name and a hosting account. if yes, coque huawei p10 then we can move forwardto install the WordPress for your website. There are 2 steps coque samsung a8 to install WordPress, one is easy and another one not so easy.

Log into your hosting account

Move towards Control Panel

Find the WordPress Icon

Click the WordPress Icon

Choose your Domain name

Click on Install now to install WordPress

The coque autres galaxy samsung above steps are almost same in every hosting accounts (Godaddy or Hostgator). After clicking install now button, it will prompt you to add WordPress coque iphone 11 password and username. Always remember to create a highly secure password and username for your WordPress coque samsung s9 Websites.

The Not so easy step:

If your hosting account has no option for WordPress installation then you have to deal it manually. Here you can find coque samsung s5 your database name.

Afterfilling all these information, save the file.

Now log coque samsung a50 into your hosting FTP (download FileZilla for that).

Delete the file named index.

We hope that you have installed WordPress on your Hosting account.

Go to Appearance and Click Themes. You can find many featured coque samsung s7 and most popular themes coque coque iphone 7 huawei p9 at the display. coque samsung s7 Choose any one of them that you like coque samsung j3 and you can see the preview. Click install to add it to your WordPress. Now click Activate to activate that theme. Note that you can change and add new themes anytime you like. Choosing a theme depends on the content of your website and the users that the site will coque samsung a10 be attracting.